Friday, February 3, 2017

And God Spoke

"I have appealed to all of you to love one another," said God in a booming voice heard all over the world.

"And for you to be kind and forgiving," God continued. "But few of you have done this."

"But almost all of you care about your looks, and will do almost anything to look good. So from now on, here is what is going to happen:"

"Each time you do something loving and kind for someone else, you will lose a wrinkle, or lose some weight or grow more hair, or whatever else you want."

"But each time you commit a mean or selfish act, your nose will grow, or your face will wrinkle or you will lose some hair or your rear end will get bigger."

"If you go to war, your leaders and generals will lose half their height, speak in squeaky voices and take on the appearance of clowns."

"And for every weapon that is built, while children starve, leaders and generals will pass gas loudly and regularly."

And instantly, the world changed..

Mankind made peace with itself, and the world became a far nicer place as people became loving and kind, for everyone wanted to look good, not foolish.

Nor did any leader or general want to lose half his size, nor squeak talk nor look like a clown, nor loudly pass gas.

When asked if He had any regrets, God replied, "Just one."

"I should have done this thousands of years ago. But instead, I appealed to mankind's compassion when all I ever had to do was appeal to mankind's ego."

With Love To All ~ Dick

Today's story was inspired by "Inner Beauty," written by author, artist and yoga practitioner, Narendra Kini

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