Friday, January 27, 2017

The Day The World Declared Peace

Throughout history, saviors and other wise men and women spoke of peace and brotherhood.

Today, some of their birthdays are widely celebrated, but seldom are their words put into practice.

Then suddenly, everything changed.

There was a declaration of peace throughout the world, as people laid down their weapons, and welcomed their fellow beings into their hearts.

According to renowned Professor and Psychiatrist, Dr. Oscar Gutenberg, this happened because most people suddenly found peace within themselves.

"The primary cause of war," Dr. Gutenberg said, "Is the inner turmoil and fear so many people had felt."

"But then they realized it was their inner turmoil and fear that led to war, which led to poverty, disease, hunger and hopelessness that caused each war, as the cycle repeated itself."

"Now that we can live in peace," Dr. Gutenberg continued:

"Our biggest chalkenge will be how to wisely spend all the money used for wars and their aftermath, to instead help all mankind."

"It is the challenge every savior, and other wise men and women had hoped for, and at long last it can become reality."

Did God bring this peace? "I don't know," remarked Dr. Gutenberg. "Until now, few people had ever listened to God."

"Perhaps this time God finally reached them by speaking directly to their hearts."

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