Friday, March 17, 2017

Rejecting Santa Claus

Christian children the world over love Santa Claus and every Christmas, open their hearts to him.

But then one day, everyone learned Santa's secret.

Being from no single country, Santa is an immigrant in all nations.

"He's a secret Muslim," one western leader claimed. "He's not one of us," screamed another leader. "He's a terrorist," yelled a third leader.

Immediately, plans were made to build a wall around the North Pole, forcing Santa to stay there.

But in the event he flew out on his sleigh, threats were made to shoot him down and forcibly return him to the North Pole.

"But I can't deliver toys," Santa pleaded. Yet his pleas fell on deaf ears, as every nation claimed it was a matter of national security.

And so it came to pass, Santa was banned, and it appeared the children would receive no Christmas presents on Christmas morning.

Then a miracle happened.

Church congregations began to read their bibles and discovered Jesus' words about loving thy neighbor and about doing unto others as they would have done unto themselves.

A great calm settled over the world, and soon peace filled people's hearts, and they even took down the wall they had built around the North Pole.

"Good will to all," said one Christian woman. "I guess that was always the message of Christmas. For a time, we just forgot it."

And that Christmas Eve, as Santa flew across the world, Christian children joyously anticipated receiving Santa's wonderful gifts when they awoke.

But Santa felt so generous that year, that he delivered presents to every home everywhere.

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