Saturday, March 4, 2017

When God Rested

"I need some time off," God thought to Himself.

"So I will choose someone extremely wise from the earth to briefly oversee the entire universe."

"Should I choose a U.S. President? No, they are too violent. There has never been a peacemaker among them."

"Should I choose a religious leader?"

"No, few of them practice My Message of love, as starvation often occurs or wars are fought while they do nothing to stop any of it."

Suddenly, God said, "I know who to choose." God chose a homeless woman.

He told her, "Because of your love and kindness to all, you are an excellent example of My Message. You forgive everyone and have not an ounce of greed."

"Thank You," she softly replied, while bowing her head. "I will do my best."

A month later when God returned, there was peace on earth, and throughout the universe. And everyone was happy and healthy.

"How did you do it," He asked the homeless woman.

"With Your Message," she replied. "The difference was that with all the media coverage everyone could witness my practices, and they copied them.

"They put their weapons down, and began finding ways to help each other, as joy replaced fear, and love replaced greed."

Thank you," God said to her. "From now on your life will be My Message, because words lose their value unless brought to life for all to witness. Seeing is believing."

The Moral To Our Story: Peace begins from the bottom up, not the top down.

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