Friday, May 12, 2017

Meaningful Relationships

As 75-year-old William laid in his death bed, his only visitors were the hospital staff.

His ex-wife didn't come, nor did his two daughters and his grandchildren. Even people he thought were his friends didn't come.

"How could this be," he thought to himself. "I was such an important person, a CEO."

Just then, his Guardian Angel said, "You were a CEO, but you were only important to the many people who reported to you while you were in charge."

"When you retired, they forgot about you, and so did the shareholders."

"By contrast when did you ever spend meaningful time with those who did care about you, your family and friends?"

William gasped, embarrassed he had neglected those closest to him. "Oh Angel," William pleaded, "Don't let me die like this, unwanted and alone."

"You were arrogant and insensitive," his Guardian Angel replied. "But this so sad, and you are so pitiful, as you finally realize the priorities that matter."

"I will give you a second chance."

"Here is what will happen. You will make a miraculous recovery," she said.

"A recovery that will last 30-days. When you return we will see how you treated people, and how they feel about you."

Suddenly, William had a miraculous recovery, and checked himself out of the hospital.

He went to see his daughters, who at first refused to see him. When they finally agreed to see him, he profusely apologized to them.

"I'm so sorry for the time I didn't spend with you," he told them. "But if you'll give me a second chance, I'll make it up to you."

Stunned, and sensing his sincerity, they forgave him, and soon he was reunited with them and their families, as he lovingly devoted himself to them.

He even tried to do as many of the things with them as possible that they had missed out on, and with their support, he apologized to his -ex-wife for all the pain he had caused her..

William also went to his church for the first time in many years. There he joined fellowship groups and helped with every project they had, as he made many new friends.

In addition, he went to the homeless mission and volunteered to help those in need get back on their feet.

To anyone needing a friend, they found that friend in William, a man who opened his heart and his wallet.

At the end of the 30-days, William's health began to fail, and he returned to the hospital. But now everything was different.

His family and his many new friends came to visit him, and everyone hoped for his recovery.

"Do you see the difference," his Guardian Angel said to him when they were finally alone. "When you were a big-shot, you actually didn't really matter at all.

"But when you lovingly devoted yourself to others, you became truely important."

"Because so many people want and need you, it would be a shame to take you away from them."

"We've decided to extend your time on earth, and restore your health."

"Thank you," William replied.

"Now that I know that love and devotion are what really matter in life, I will make you proud and I promise to devote myself to bringing joy, love and laughter to everyone I meet."

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