Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Declaration Of War

Dear Reader, what you are about to read was taken in part from a real-life story that occurred in 19th century Europe.

"You have insulted my honor," declared one head of state to another. "This means war!"

"Then war it will be," shouted the second head of state to the other. "And you shall pay mightily in lives and in fortune."

The two men parted company, but not having the money to fight a large scale war, each immediately contacted Baron Cohen, the wealthiest man in Europe.

"This is stupid," replied the Baron. "Because of your egos, you would use my money to destroy the lives and property of many of your citizens. I refuse to fund it."

"But if you don't fund it, how can we fight," the two men asked the Baron. "You won't," he answered.

Left with no choice, the two men shook hands, declared peace and held a lavish dinner for themselves and their nobles.

Meanwhile, the peasants in both nations rejoiced, for they had won the greatest of all victories, one of peace and without a drop of their blood having been shed.

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