Friday, August 25, 2017

A Miracle Story

Benny was an alcoholic living on the street. He no longer had a family or friends, and his clothes were in tatters.

Because of his appearance and his stench, people shunned him, and as he lay dying in a urine stained alley on skid row, an Angel appeared.

"Benny," she said, "You have a great heart, but one now soaked in alcohol. We're going to cleanse you, heal you, and then we will make you a healer of mankind."

Suddenly, a miracle occurred. Benny was sober, his mind was sharp and the Angel led him to a quaint little home with a beautiful rose garden.

"This home is yours," the Angel said. "In the closet are clean clothes and shoes, and the bathroom and shower are down the hall.

"The local bank now has an account in your name and we will keep replenishing its funds so money will never be an issue."

"And one more thing," added the Angel. "Every rose petal in your garden has the power to heal."

"Each day you will take a bag of petals and quietly set them on hospital beds, and among the homeless, while not calling attention to yourself."

"Dying people will heal from your rose petals. They will know a miracle occurred from the petals, but not know how or why."

Benny beheld the Angel, and barely able to speak asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"We are doing this because mankind desperately needs hope."

"Benny, we brought you back to life to help us restore lives and restore hope, and each person you rescue will live to rescue others."

"This is how we will save this world, quietly, one person at a time, and it will begin with you, a man who only moments ago seemed hopeless. This is how real-life miracles occur."

This angelic miracle began five-years ago, and now many a desperate person seeks the gift of life in a rose petal, one placed by an anonymous man few people even notice. This man may some day rescue you.

With Love To All ~ Dick

Thank you to my friend Kathleen Jacoby, whose real life "A Miracle Story," inspired this story.

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