Monday, October 21, 2019

The King Of The Beasts

“I am the king of the beasts,” proclaimed the lion, “for all do fear me.” “No,” replied the elephant, "I am the king because I can crush anything in my path.”

Just then they heard laughter. Looking around, they found the source. It was a little tortoise, who still chuckling looked up at them.

“I am the true king,” he said. “You both scare everyone away. But I scare no one and so I’m welcome everywhere.”

“To be a king is to be a leader,” he continued. “And I amuse everyone. As I do I can persuade them to do what I would like them to do.”

“This is what leadership is,” he added. “Not size, not a roar, not intimidation. It is having others happily do as you guide them to do and that starts with a smile.”

With Love To All ~ Dick

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