Friday, October 18, 2019

The Mightiest Nation In The World

Genovia built the biggest military machine in human history. It built the mightiest weapons, built military bases everywhere, and employed millions of people.

The point was to always be ready for war, and eventually Genovia found itself in endless wars, the cost of which in lives and money was staggering.

The money part was so expensive to pay its bills Genovia had to borrow the funds from China.

And then one day something incredible happened.

Genovia’s politicians promised free medical care and college educations for all, claiming that taxing billionaires would pay for it, a mathematical impossibility.

But no politician dared take the money from the military, for the military was the source of many jobs and campaign contributions.

So despite the consequences of borrowing even more money Genovia couldn't afford, the politicians gave the people free medical care and college educations.

The money was borrowed from China and other nations, even as the politicians complained of foreign involvement in Genovia’s elections.

Of course Genovia eventually went broke, which was extremely painful.

Many Genovians lost their jobs, their taxes skyrocketed, and their Social Security benefits were slashed. Many lost their homes and gas prices quadrupled.

But this catastrophe had a silver lining.

Genovia was forced to dramatically downsize its military, which was a blessing for the world, and it passed a Constitutional Amendment forbidding the nation from ever again mortgaging its future.

Today, its citizens live in peace and the Genovian government can afford to fund its people's essential needs, a happy ending for a real life fable.

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