Friday, December 13, 2019

Santa’s Deadbeat Twin Brother

Everyone knows about Santa Claus’ profound kindness, but few people are aware of his twin brother Jimmy Claus, a man as bad as Santa is good.

“I’m desperate Santa,” Jimmy told his brother. “Loan me money!”

“But Jimmy,” Santa replied. “Loaning you money would only put you deeper in debt. You have to take responsibility for your actions.”

“Because of your irresponsibility I have you on my ‘Naughty List’ every year.”

To make money, Jimmy posed as Santa and did ads, and nothing was too awful for him to do. Camels cigarettes, Seagram's liquor and Coca-Cola soft drinks were just a few of his ads.

"I'm an awful person," Jimmy replied, when asked why he does these things.         
Then last Christmas, unbeknownst to everyone, Santa got sick and couldn't deliver toys to the children.

"You have to help me Jimmy," he called and told his twin brother.

At the time, Jimmy was in a bar, drunk, and had just lost the last of his money at the race track. At first he avoided Santa's calls because he thought they were from another money collector.

"I'll send the sleigh to get you," Santa told Jimmy. "I'm counting on you, as are millions of children."

At first, Jimmy planned to avoid Santa's sleigh, but as he staggered out of the bar, he saw a little girl, frail and cold, as she held her mother's hand.

Looking at their tattered clothing, Jimmy knew Christmas for them was likely to be sparse, with no presents other than those Santa would bring.

"I can't let them or all the others down," he thought to himself.

When the sleigh arrived piled high with toys, Jimmy was ready and flew it around the world delivering those toys.

At the end of the night, when Jimmy flew the sleigh back to the North Pole, Santa was there to greet him.

"You did a great job Jimmy," Santa said with a big smile. "Thank you Santa," Jimmy replied. "For the first time in my life I feel like a worthwhile person."

"I'm going to change my life," Jimmy continued, "And become someone everyone can be proud of starting with me."

Santa gave him a hug, and sent the sleigh to bring Jimmy home.

As he got off the sleigh, it occurred to him that maybe Santa wasn't so sick, this whole journey had really been about Jimmy receiving self-realization and getting a new start in life.

"If so," he thought, "it worked, as the reindeer, the elves and I brought joy to the world."

With Love To All - Dick

Note To Readers: Most people are not aware that last Christmas it was Jimmy, and not Santa who delivered the toys. Shall we keep this our little secret? Print Friendly and PDF

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