Thursday, December 26, 2019

Flying Sea Dog

“You’re the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen,” said a wincing man, barely able to look at the little dog.

Hearing those words, and not for the first time, this poor little dog burst into tears.

For other dogs as well as people claimed he was ugly because he had very long and floppy ears that dragged on the ground wherever he went.

To his embarrassment, sometimes he stumbled over them, as the others laughed. None of them would even help him up.

Then one day while visiting the seashore, he heard a small child crying for help as she began to sink in the distant water.

In reply to her pleas, a crowd gathered with everyone saying, “somebody must do something to save her.”

Not knowing what to do, the little dog was frantic and began to flap its ears.

As he did, his body suddenly lifted up. At first he was startled but then quickly flew to the small girl, and with his teeth, he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck.

He then lifted her up and flew to shore.

As the crowd cheered, for the first time in his life, the little dog felt like he had real value.

“I never knew my big floppy ears could cause me to fly,” he thought. “I’m beautiful after all no matter what anybody else says.”

By now, the lifeguards had arrived and they checked the small girl, who was fine. They then turned her over to her deeply grateful parents.

“Hey,” said the head of the lifeguards to the little dog. “We could really use you to help us save lives. Would you like a job working with us?”

“I would,” he replied in a happy bark. Thereafter, he became a valued member of the team, rescuing many troubled swimmers.

That year, when they published the calendar of handsome male and beautiful lady lifeguards to raise money for charity, his picture was on the cover.

As people lined up to buy the calendar, the little dog was laying in his dog bed out of sight, when he heard a woman say, "I'm buying this calendar because that dog is my hero. He is precious and kind and kindness is the greatest beauty."

Silently, the beautiful little dog glowed in happiness.

With Love To All - Dick

Editor's Note: My 14-year-old grandson Cameron proposed this title for a Fable on 12/7/19 Print Friendly and PDF

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