Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Most Powerful Military In The World

Genovia has the most powerful military the world has ever seen. To express his gratitude, General Patrick Bluster spoke to the nation on TV.

“Thank you Genovia! Your money pays for military bases all over the world, new weapons and new fighter jets, ships and submarines.“

“Without your money, we could never fight all the wars we are fighting to bring peace to mankind."

“And when it comes to jobs in Genovia, we employee millions of people. In fact, we employ them in nearly every congressional district in Genovia.“

After the speech, a reporter asked the general, "Sir, with so many people out of work, Genovians are overwhelming food banks. Is it possible for the military to donate some of its funding to feed the men, women and children of Genovia?”

“It’s not possible,“ replied the general. “We would never do anything to endanger Genovia‘s national security.“

A 2nd reporter asked, “Sir, Genovia’s government is issuing billions of dollars in funding trying to restart the economy. But Genovia is already deeply in debt and could eventually go bankrupt. Is it possible to cut military spending?”

“It’s impossible,“ replied the general. “To do so would also endanger our national security. And it would make us look weak in the eyes of the world.”

A 3rd reporter asked, "Sir, Genovia's economy is so bad, that tax revenues are falling sharply and there is a money shortage to pay for the schools, the school lunches, libraries and public welfare. Can the military contribute some funding to help these programs?"

"Absolutely not," replied the general. "It's our job to keep Genovia safe, and by god we will do that with all the resources we can muster."

Then the general said, “ No more questions.”

He turned and saluted the Genovia flag and with a joyous sparkle in his eyes proclaimed, “God Bless Genovia," as cheers from the studio audience echoed throughout the room.

For Genovians could feel safe knowing no foreign nation could ever undermine their democracy.

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