Monday, June 29, 2020

The Happiest Place On Earth

With all mankind's miseries throughout the ages, it was inevitable someone would create “The Happiest Place On Earth.”

It is now under construction, located near Disneyland, meant to include those who didn’t find enough happiness there.

Recently, I spoke with it’s creator, Willis Blunderfield to find out what it will include.

“It will definitely include a compliments center,” Mr. Blunderfield began. “For over the ages, we have learned people can never receive enough compliments.”

“It is a basic human need,” he added, “And I think it will be our busiest section.“

“We will also have a compassion center,“ Mr. Blunderfield stated. “We will employ many good listeners and will respond with compassion, not judgment.”

"In addition," Mr. Blunderfield added, "We will have a forgiveness center, for without forgiveness, there can never be inner-peace."

“Then there will be our comedy center,“ he continued, “For life is far too serious and people desperately need to laugh.“

“But of course we will also have a good news center, for although there is much good news in the world, very little of it ever makes the news.”

“And finally there will be an inspiration center, so that before people leave, we can inspire them and show them that life truly is beautiful if only they can discover that within themselves.“

I was amazed to listen to everything Mr. Blunderfield said and then I asked, “How much will all this cost?”

“That’s the best part,“ he replied. “We will ask the governments around the world to cut their military spending by just 10%, and donate the money to us.”

“If they do that, we will have far more than enough money to build and maintain our facility and allow everyone to come for free.”

“In fact, we would even have enough money to also help those in need.”

“Why would worldwide governments do that,” I asked.

“Because,” he replied, “It is the only way to uplift all of mankind and finally bring peace on earth, a hope held by people everywhere throughout history."

With Love To All - Dick

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