Friday, September 11, 2020

Defending The President of The United States

Dear Reader: In 1995, the man who is now President of The United States allegedly raped a woman, and last year while President, publicly insulted her appearance and claimed she is "not my type." She sued him for defamation (damages to her reputation). Unprecedented in U.S. history, the U.S. Attorney General decided the Federal Government should defend the President and at taxpayer expense. 

He is also attempting to substitute the U.S. Government as the defending litigant, because the President made those terrible comments while in office. If he succeeds, her case will be dismissed because the Federal Government can't be sued for defamation. 

What follows is an email discussion I had with my dear friend Yanin Ontiveros, who shared some business information with me that I set aside to address this issue. The following is our email discussion:

Good morning Yanin,

Thank you for sharing this [business information] with me. I don’t think this has any effect on us. Besides, I’m too busy spending my tax money to defend the President in a defamation suit filed against him by a woman he allegedly raped 25 years ago and later made an insulting comment about. I don’t know how this became my lawsuit to defend but the Attorney General says it is.

Dear Dick,

It [business information] doesn’t have any effect on us and I sent it for your information only. I don’t think this will be the last suit our President will have, so it looks like you will be spending some more of your tax money 

Dear Yanin,

I just prayed to Jesus over this whole ugly incident. In his gentle way, Jesus looked down upon me and replied, “My son, are you F... ing kidding me?” “No Lord,” I answered softly, adding, “My dear friend Yanin is suggesting this will be just the first of a series of attacks on my wallet defending this man.” 

“I don’t often second-guess myself,” said Jesus, “But I should’ve condemned him a long time ago.” “If you now do this dear Lord,” I asked, “Will I have to pay for that too?” “Oh ye of little faith,” he answered. “Don’t worry. Your credit is always good with me.“ 

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