Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A Letter From God To You

Dear One, 

Seldom do you hear from me, but lately things have gotten very stressful for you, and I would like to express myself in this letter to you. 

I want you to know that I am proud of you. And you are beautiful, even with your imperfections and sometimes because of your imperfections.

Yet you sometimes think of yourself as less than others as you wallow in fear about your health, about your debts, about your work, about your appearance, about your relationships. 

When you do, you blind yourself as to who you really are and all the potential you possess. Never forget that I have granted you life, and many special gifts.

If you apply yourself, you can accomplish amazing things. To do so, you need only believe in yourself and have the courage to act.

You also think I don't watch over you, and that I might not exist, but think of all the times life seemed overwhelming or hopeless, until all of a sudden there was a ray of light.

That light may have been a kind gesture from someone you had never met, or a sudden and unusual turn of events that rescued you and restored your hope.

It may have come in the magical words, "I love you," from someone you hold dear, or the restoration of life into one of your loved ones after in desperation you prayed for this to happen.

When you hurt, I hurt for you and soon healing surrounds you, welcomed by your heart when you are ready to receive this healing.

There are no coincidences. As is said, I work in mysterious ways.

Of course there is the question you always ask me, 'What is the purpose of life?' 

Yet the answer has always been right in front of you: It is not fame or fortune or power for these things are all left behind at this life's end, they are meaningless. 

The answer is: To fulfill your karmic needs, and help others to fulfill theirs. The best way to do that is with kind acts, with nothing expected in return.

That is life's purpose for everyone, but most people are blind to that purpose because they are guided by their egos, not by me, and they busily pursue the meaningless.

I gave you each other and endless opportunities to love, to forgive, to help, to offer compassion and do so with humility. 

But most human beings are slow learners, so I blessed you with dogs and cats to help teach you these attributes for they often practice them better than humans.

So open your heart and rejoice in all the wonders I have bestowed upon you. And whenever you want to hear my voice, meditate and in the silence, I will whisper to you.

For you are beautiful, and among my finest creations.

With Love To All

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