Friday, October 29, 2021

Becoming A U.S. Presidential Descendant

A new exclusive organization has been formed, comprised of the descendants of all U.S. Presidents. This broke my heart because no matter what I do, I can never qualify. But then I realized if only I had the right name, maybe I could qualify.

I'm thinking of renaming myself Barack Eisenhower Truman. Or Abe Lincoln Washington. I thought about Bill Clinton Trump but then no one would trust me near the women or the silverware. 

But now I'm thinking of what will happen when the descendants of Donald Trump join. And President Trump's descendants may also want to include as descendants, participants in the 2021 January 6th riot.

As a result, this descendants organization no longer looks appealing. Until now, I had been thinking of asking my dear friend Yanin if I could include her chihuahua Lenny as a descendant under the name Roosevelt-Roosevelt but clearly this organization will be beneath him as well.

With Love To All - Dick  

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