Thursday, July 21, 2022

A Happy Marriage

A 75-year-old couple, Howard and Emily, with glee, were about to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

As their family and friends gathered for this special occasion, Howard suddenly said, "There can be no-more evasion."

"There is something I must say and say it today. For years I've been secretly seeing someone else, and now she is free and wants to be with me." 

"We never made it official because she too had been married, and her husband would have been aghast but recently he passed."

When Howard broke the news, Emily threw him out, with a whimper and a shout.

As a married couple, Howard and Emily's motto had been, "Never fight nor be apart all night."

Now for her it became, "You dirty bum, you dirty coward, I want nothing more to do with you Howard."

But alas, our story had a twist to a stunning degree, for Emily revealed she had long been secretly with the other woman's husband you see.

With Love To All - Dick

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