Saturday, October 1, 2022

Finding Paradise

In the vast blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, lies a beautiful new island. As a lifelong seeker of paradise, I moved there. And I loved it! 

But soon I became lonely and invited others to join me. From everywhere they came, and we named our island, Paradise.

But one day, things began to change:

Everyone was so happy, they wanted family and friends to visit, and we agreed to build an airport. And with that airport, we agreed to build a hotel.

With that hotel, we needed roads, and needed everything from medical facilities, to utilities to sewage treatment. And as more families arrived, we needed schools.

We also needed grocery stores and police and fire protection.

To pay for this, we needed to tax ourselves, but no-one wanted to pay taxes. It was then disputes began.

To settle the disputes, we voted for representatives, but we couldn't agree on the election results, leaving Paradise in chaos. 

I had come to Paradise to avoid these problems, yet here they were again, and with all the bitterness and hostility that I had always known.

I wanted a new place to live, but where? Every place has these problems.

Then I realized, paradise is not a place, it is a state of mind. If we are determined to be happy, we will be, regardless of outward conditions or circumstances.  

With this new state of mind, I smiled, opened my heart to all and greeted them warmly. Now, paradise is wherever I am and there are hearts I can touch. 

With Love To All - Dick                       
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