Monday, October 24, 2022

The Father - Son Talk

I think of my Mini Cooper as a son. His name is Mini and at 16 it is time to have what fathers call The Talk, so I can give him valuable life lessons. If you have a son, these lessons may be useful to you. Here is what I will say:

Son, your mother and I fondly recall when you came into this world. You were so cute and you had that new car scent.

When we brought you home, everyone wanted to see you, especially your brother Prius and your sister Mercedes who were sharing the garage with you. 

Yes, you dripped a bit of oil but that’s what babies do. So you would smell good, your mother and I often changed your oil filter. 

Soon you began talking to us, by honking your horn to say you were hungry for gas or your seats were sticky or you just needed a snuggle.

Later, when it was time for you to go to school, I drove you there and parked you. You made friends in the parking lot and every day you learned something new. We still have a copy of your little tire prints hanging on our wall.

But now, you are old enough to drive yourself, and you are beginning to make adult decisions. So as your loving father, here is my advice:

 1) Take good care of yourself. Buy the right gas, don’t go too fast, and be serviced regularly. Park in the shade so the sun won’t cause you to prematurely age. These are the secrets to staying young and healthy for as long as possible.

 2) Be careful near Corvettes, Porsches and other sexy cars. When you’re parked close to them, be sure to wear your car cover. You don’t want anything to happen that could end your dreams.

 3) Never drive drunk. Your life or someone else’s could change in a heartbeat.

 4) Be active. You can drive all over this great land, visiting scenic parks and beaches and anywhere else you want to go. Just use your imagination.

 5) Believe in yourself. There are sports cars, race cars and limousines but none are better than you, for you have color, character and cuteness. Even your front grille smiles.

And remember: No matter what, your family is proud of you and as near as your cell phone tracking device, and always ready to help you. We love you!

With Love To All - Dick

Co-Writer - Yanin Ontiveros

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