Friday, March 10, 2023

U.S. Navy Dolphins

Since the 1950s The US Navy has used dolphins to locate explosives and recover submerged objects. But increasingly, underwater drones are replacing dolphins, many of whom are now in old age.

To understand the impact on these old dolphins, I interviewed the eldest of them, Saul.

How do you feel Saul? “Oy, don’t ask! Everything hurts! Even my dorsal fin!”

Are you looking forward to retirement? “Of course! I’m moving to Miami Beach. I hear there are plenty of single lady dolphins there.”

Will you miss the Navy? “5 AM Roll Call, Navy food and the chance to get blown to bits in each mission, who wouldn’t miss that?“

Do you have any advice for other dolphins? “Sure! Swim wherever there are spring breaks and surfing contests. Those crazy kids will keep you young!”

With Love To All - Dick

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