Monday, December 2, 2013

Hanging With Hitler, Part 2

Dear Reader,

On October 25th, 2013 I published a discussion I had with Adolf Hitler, which I think may interest you. Having just sat down with him a second time, I would like to share some observations with you.

We sat down in his small sparse cubicle. The walls were a dull gray and the cubicle contained little more than a modest metal desk, also gray but with paint chips missing, and two old wooden chairs, neither of which was well balanced.

As for his attire, Hitler was wearing a light brown open collar shirt, brown pants and scuffed black leather shoes, and he appeared to be the hard worn 56 years of age he was when he committed suicide in 1945.

His face was serious and his personality was low key, although he did make eye contact with me as we spoke. If something touched a nerve in him, he raised his voice but for the most part he seemed shy and spoke in a quiet voice.

He spoke in German and I heard his words in English, as I spoke in English and he heard my words in German.

Q) In life you often seemed loud and animated. Why are you so quiet now?
A) Until shortly before I took power, this is often how I was. I never had much self-esteem nor had I accomplished very much. There was little in my life I was proud of.

That's why even after I took power my doctors hopped me up on amphetamines before I gave speeches.

Q) Is it true you were often angry?
A) I was angry. My teeth and gums were diseased and painful, I had Parkinson's Disease and it was growing worse, causing me to tremble and I never knew when the next assassination attempt on my life would come. I couldn't trust anybody.

Q) Are you haunted by visions of all the suffering and death you caused?
A) Until I arrived here and began being confronted by the horrid images and by my horrific karma, I never had to look at it. Out of sight is truly out of mind.

Your U.S. Presidents understand this. They too look away as Iraqis, Afghans and others are murdered at their behest. The current president and his predecessor even discouraged media coverage of their wars and hid the dead bodies of U.S. Soldiers being brought home and hid their suffering families from the American people. Out of sight is out of mind.

Q) Do you feel any regret for what you did when you were in power?
A) Not at first. But then those on this plane of wisdom began to humanize it for me, showing me film and pictures and telling me the stories of some of the people I had slaughtered. It is sickening and I'm going to pay a horrific price in karma, experiencing their pain in many different forms over many lifetimes.

Q) I'm Jewish. Would you have had me executed when you were in power?
A) Of course I would have, and your whole family as well. But now that I'm being confronted by what I did, and I see it for all its ugliness, I'm sorry. As part of my karma, it's why you and I are sitting down together.

Looking back, I see the foolishness in it. I brought such pain and for what? What did any of it accomplish?

I didn't realize the obvious, that life on earth is brief, we all die and we leave behind most of what we thought we valued: power, possessions, money, nationalities and ego, none of which have value here.

To think invading and occupying countries as I directed, in order to control the people had value was ludicrous.

I've learned what I most valued, which was power over others is meaningless. Power over one's self, self-control is what matters as do love, compassion and forgiveness and our ability to see each other as one, and to act in the best interest of all. 

How foolish a man I was to have authorized the things I did and to have actually celebrated such terrible things.

The worst time for me will be when I'm confronted by some of those I had brutalized and murdered. For I will see and hear their stories in person, eye to eye, and with tears, I will tell them how sorry I am.

Dear Reader: At that point Adolf Hitler sat in silence, then hung his head, clasped his hands to his face and began sobbing uncontrollably, moaning and rocking his body back and forth with his sobs. I quietly left him so he could deal with his pain in his own way.

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