Saturday, December 21, 2013

Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

Walt by the accounts of all who knew him was a wonderful man, kind and giving and always with a smile and words of encouragement for those he encountered.

But as a businessman, Walt was a failure and on the brink of losing the family business that had been built by two generations that had preceded him.

As the month end approached, Walt realized he didn't have the money to pay his company's bills and desperately prayed for guidance and support.

That night as he tossed and turned, a bright light filled his bedroom and an angelic spirit resplendent in her white flowing robe and long silver hair appeared.

"Tomorrow morning and for the week that follows," she said to Walt, "You will have extraordinary business knowledge.

"You will know intuitively the right decisions to make and money will flow into your business. Whether you retain that knowledge thereafter will depend upon how you treat others.

"Now rest my child," she said as she slowly vanished from the Walt's bedroom.

The next morning was like lightening, anything beyond Walt's comprehension. Suddenly each decision he made was the right one and money began to flow into his cash strapped company. By week's end Walt was becoming rich.

Walt could barely wait for the next week to begin, anxious to make even more money. But Walt had begun to change. Instead of being the wonderful person he had been, he was now arrogant and greedy and convinced of his own invincibility.

It was then the angelic spirit reappeared. "What was given to you was a gift, based on your kindness to others. But now you're becoming a monster."

"I don't need you," Walt replied. "What you call a gift, was in fact my own great talent coming forth. I will continue making money based upon my talent."

"Starting tomorrow morning," the angelic spirit answered, "You will return to the businessman you used to be. And you will behold your destiny."

The next morning, everything began going wrong for Walt. By the end of the week his company was broke and Walt was forced to shutter its doors.

"Why did this happen," Walt cried out to the heavens, tears welling in his eyes.

"By your choice," came the angelic reply. "When you followed your heart, you were kind to people and we of a higher plane chose to rescue you. But that rescue brought out the worst in you and it became your undoing.

"The answer is simple. Let your heart be your guide. If so you will make a new and promising beginning. If not, failure will befall you.

"Nobody is ever a failure when guided by all the love and kindness that resides within the heart. The choice is yours."

This piece was in part inspired by the book, "Presence of Angels," by J.C. Hugh MacKimmie. Print Friendly and PDF

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