Friday, December 27, 2013

The Plant Whisperer

At the end of a cottage filled street lived Doris, a 91 year old woman who everyone loved.

For Doris always had fresh baked cookies to share with the neighborhood children and their parents and a kind word to offer that never failed to uplift the spirits and bring a smile to the hearts of all.

But there was something else special about Doris.

She had the most beautiful of roses, in every color under the rainbow. Her rose bushes were packed with flowers, petals larger than even the florists had ever seen, their colors bright and their scent as fragrant as the most heavenly nature could create.

What was her secret ingredient?

It was no secret at all, for it is what every living being needs: love.

Each morning after breakfast, Doris would begin lovingly speaking to her rose bushes, telling them how beautiful they are and how much everyone appreciates them. Often she would also gently caress them with her finger tips.

At night before the sunset lit up the sky, Doris would tell them how happy they had made everyone that day as she would caress their petals

And no day would ever pass in which Doris didn't say, "I love you," to them.

Many people speculated that there had to be something more than Doris being a plant whisperer. Some said she had a special concoction she secretly poured on their soil, while others claimed she bred them from a unique DNA mix.

But when told of such statements, Doris would simply smile and say, "They are right, I do have something special.

"It is the most powerful ingredient ever known. It is love, and if you think it has a marvelous effect on rose bushes, apply it to people and other beings and watch how they thrive. You too will create magic."

This story was in part inspired by a real life story Jim MacKimmie told about a hobo plant whisperer in his wonderful book, "Presence of Angels," 2005, pages 157 - 159. Print Friendly and PDF

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