Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Success Waits For No-One"

"I'm in a hurry," the voice called out. "Get out of my way."

And so it was that Ralph was always in a rush, for as he maintained, "Success waits for no-one." He drove his car fast, pressured people to speak quickly and demanded everything should be summarized in a few words, as he had no time for extensive reading.

Ralph had little time for his family as well for he was a workaholic.

Meanwhile Charlie drove his car slowly, for he enjoyed observing everything around him. He listened to people and not only heard what they had to say, but learned about their lives and often made friends of them.

As for reading, Charlie read many of the great works from Shakespeare to Hemingway and found the stories brought great joy to his life.

Charlie devoted himself to his family and friends for as he said, "What is life if it isn't about family and friends."

One day an old sage was asked to comment on their lives. "It seems to me," he said, "that it all comes back to what matters in life.

"Charlie savors each aspect of life, while Ralph is so impatient, he misses most of what life is truly about. Every life passes quickly. What matters is to live that brief time with as much meaning, purpose and joy as possible, and not to treat it as an endless foot race."

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