Friday, February 14, 2014

Through The Eyes Of Sammy Sparrow

"I spread my little wings," he thought to himself. "And with the next gentle breeze I soar into the air, free to live my life.

"Below me are rose bushes, the petals in bloom in so many colors, that even a rainbow would pale in comparison. And oh what heavenly scents they have to perfume the air.

"Now I'm setting softly down alongside the flow of crystal clear water, its coolness tingling my beak as I drink to my heart's content.

"And in the green grass I'm finding a plentiful supply of seeds and other nutrients to fill my tiny belly.

"Oh, and there on the branch of a pine tree is my lady Sara, calling out to me in the warmest of tones, as we plan to get together later.

"But for now, as the sun rises straight above me, it warms my feathers and brings out their glow, especially the blue streak across my chest, as my heart beats with delight.

"Some sparrows think humans have it best, but having seen all the stress they endure, I don't agree. Whether human or sparrow, the best life is the simple life, one in which beauty and love manifest themselves every day of the year.

"And unlike humans, I live my life in the moment, open to all the wonders that nature and life itself may bestow upon me, ready to change my course in an instant's notice.

"For in the next breeze I can go wherever my heart guides me, as I soar freely into the vast blue heavens above."

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