Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Life Of A Leaf

Dear Reader: This is an inspired piece presented to you exactly as it was presented to me.

Mounted high on a massive tree, the green leaf flutters in peace - a sort of Nirvana.

When suddenly it is dislodged and finds itself on a journey.

Along the way down it sways gently in the air currents and at times it is buffeted in the wind and turned topsy-turvey.

But eventually it finds its way to the ground where it settles in its final resting place.

But soon it turns to mulch, which captures nutrients and water for that same tree. In the process that tree sprouts new leaves, and that leaf is reborn, perhaps wiser from its prior journey, as it begins life anew.

I believe this is a message of the cycles of life. Print Friendly and PDF

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