Monday, February 1, 2016

An End To Terrorism

"Terrorism will soon be at an end," proclaimed Colonel Bob.

"How will you know," I asked.

"Because we will have killed every terrorist," Colonel Bob answered firmly. "We are making the world much safer."

"But what if more terrorists are born," I inquired. "We'll kill them too," came the immediate reply.

"What is a terrorist," I asked.

"A terrorist is someone who attacks and kills others," answered Colonel Bob. "And we won't tolerate it. They'll be dead as fast as we can kill them."

"But in doing that, aren't you attacking and killing others," I inquired.

"Yes," answered Colonel Bob.

"But we're killing bad guys. Of course we have some 'collateral damage' in which we kill innocent men, women and children but that can't be helped because we're fighting a War on Terror."

"But to those innocent men, women and children, aren't you a terrorist?"

"We're not terrorists," Colonel Bob replied. "In times of war, these things happen. They'll just have to understand that we're making the world a better place, even if they don't survive to see it."

"Who decides which people are 'bad guys' that must be killed," I asked.

"Our Government," replied Bob. "And it's our job to follow orders and kill them."

"But what if there is a 'Higher Power' than our government," I asked. "One that says, 'Thou shall not kill?' "

"If such a 'Higher Power' exists," replied Colonel Bob, "Those terrorists are going to be in a lot of trouble because of all the people they killed. I sure wouldn't want to be their shoes."

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