Monday, February 15, 2016

The Value Of A Home

"The value of a home is what it can sell for," stated the real estate mogul, a man who made his fortune in real estate.

"Not true my son," replied Nirvala, a wise old sage, and a sacred mother to her many followers around the globe.

"For at the end of a lifetime, and all lifetimes are brief, the value in money is left behind."

"Then the value of a home is in its land," answered the real estate mogul, "And in its walls, its floors and its ceilings. It's in things we can touch."

"No my son," replied Nirvala.

"The value of a home is in its space, that which lies between those walls, floors and ceilings. for that is where life is lived."

"And the value of life is the only value that can ever exist."

"It is measured in love and anger, joy and sorrow, laughter and hurt and of course in forgiveness for those are the elements that live within every life, without which no life would have meaning and no home would have value."


This was inspired by the world renowned ancient Chinese text, "Tao Te Ching," (Tao meaning "The Way"), by Lao Tzu (Lao Tzu meaning "The Old Master") Print Friendly and PDF

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