Sunday, February 28, 2016

Speaking With A Guardian Angel

"Whenever you feel lonely or sad or your problems seem overwhelming," said the Guardian Angel to Bonnie, "I want you to look around you and you will find a little bright white feather."

"That bright white feather is a reminder that I am always with you as we make the journey of your life together. I'm here to help you."

"Do others receive such feathers," asked Bonnie. "They do," replied the Angel.

"If their Guardian Angel uses feathers as I do. But everyone has a Guardian Angel, and each of those Angels expresses their reassurance in their own way."

"How will each person know what that way is," replied Bonnie.

"By paying attention."

"In some cases, their Guardian Angel will speak in dreams. In other cases, they will hear a soft voice yet see no-one there.

"It takes many forms, but always there is reassurance and a helping hand, to overcome difficult problems."

"Are there any conditions in receiving that help," asked Bonnie.

"Just one," replied the Guardian Angel. "That our powers not be used for evil."

"Rest assured, even non-believers have Guardian Angels," the Angel continued, "And love is the basis for our activities."

"The next time you read of a woman lifting a car to save her baby, or someone surviving after being buried in an earthquake or avalanches, that is us in action."

"What about in death," Bonnie asked. "Especially in violent death, are you there?"

"We are always there at death. It is we who unite you with your loved ones as we guide your spirit on your new journey."

"One more thing," added the Guardian Angel. "There is no such thing as a violent death. The moment of passing is always peaceful, despite any pain or turbulence that may have preceded death."

"Karma dictates life's final moments but it is our job to bring peace in passing and I assure you, we do our job well, for we answer to a Higher Authority.

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