Friday, December 16, 2016

The New Santa Claus

"This is my last Christmas," Santa told his board of directors. "It's time for the Mrs. and me to retire to Palm Springs, play golf and relax.

"But who will take your place," the board asked.

"I have the ideal replacement," Santa replied, as he handed out the proposed new Santa's resume.

"But he's just a working stiff," the board stated. "So was I when I got this job long-ago," answered Santa. "But I grew into it."

Then Santa shocked his board as he displayed the proposed new Santa's photo.

"But he is black," they shouted, as they shook their heads in disbelief. "Santa has always been white!"

"The world is changing," replied Santa. "I deliver presents to children of all colors, and you have no right to discriminate against the person who will deliver those presents in the future."

When Santa finished his presentation, the board met in a closed session. When their session ended, they called Santa in.

"Okay," the board replied. "We don't want to be sued for discrimination. Starting next Christmas, Santa will be black."

"Just one more thing," added Santa. "This new Santa is trans gender. He used to be a woman."

The board was speechless. "This is really nothing new," Santa said with a smile, "So is Rudolph." And then he added, "As I said, we live in a changing world."

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