Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Wisdom Of A Little Red Snapdragon

The other day in my backyard, among snapdragons in a rainbow of colors, one nine inch tall snapdragon boldly stood out.

It's flowers were as red as a candy apple, as it alone was touched by a sunbeam

I was captivated and asked it, "How did this happen?"

In a soft voice, the little red snapdragon replied, "It happened through nature's magic."

"Not a minute ago, I was in the shade," continued the little snapdragon, "And a minute from now, I will be in the shade again."

"But those who pay attention reap the benefit of the beauty I and other flowers offer as the light is cast upon us."

"But I'm so busy," I answered. "Does this beauty really matter?"

"I don't know," the snapdragon responded. "Does beauty matter? Or is life about being busy?"

"Is that a trick question," I asked the snapdragon. "Only if you're clueless," replied the smiling snapdragon in its tiny voice, its red petals graced by wisdom.

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