Friday, December 30, 2016

This Is Mine

"This is mine," said the man rich in possessions. "And this is mine and this is mine, and soon I will buy more."

"But what if you are no more," asked a voice. "Who will it all belong to?"

"It's all mine," the rich man shouted in response. "I've spent my life getting it all."

"But some day you will die," replied the voice. "Everyone does. Then what happens to your possessions?"

Having no answer to the question, the rich man sat quietly seething in anger.

"You have no real friends," the voice continued. "And you can't take your possessions with you."

"May I suggest that you share your possessions with those in need."

"Those possessions will help those who have so little, and in their happiness, you will find your own happiness, which is the greatest possession of all."

"And if I don't," snapped the rich man. "Then what?"

"When you die, everything you own will go to the tax man, and to those around you who never really liked you."

When he realized the truth in what the voice said, tears came to his eyes.

And it came to pass that the rich man stopped buying more possessions, and shared those he had with the many people that needed them.

"By doing that," he later told the voice, "I received what you said I would, which is happiness, the greatest possession of all."

"For I have many real friends, people who hold me in their hearts, and through giving, I have a life worth living."

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