Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Famed Fluggleman Award

As the head of the Business Forum, this year I had the honor of presenting the highest business award, The Fluggleman to Morrie Mutty.

Mr. Mutty won this lifetime achievement award for his invention of the cotton filler that goes into many containers instead of more of the product consumers thought they were receiving.

By substituting cotton, businesses save a fortune.

Consumer watchdog organizations claim it's fraud, but if that were so, surely governments would crack down on it.

"I'm deeply moved," said Morrie to the crowd, as I handed him his gold statuette.

"Hey," Morrie suddenly shouted in anger. "This is an outrage. The statuette has very little gold. It's mostly filler!"

"That's true," I replied. "The filler is cotton. But it saved the manufacturer a lot of money on each statuette, money to pay bigger bonuses to top management."

"They can't do this," Morrie yelled. "Actually, they can and do Morrie and the business world owes it all to you."

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