Friday, August 11, 2017

Take Me Instead

As 6-year-old Molly lay dying in her hospital bed, her parents sat on either side of her, holding her hands, as tears ran down their cheeks.

Just then, a golden light lit the room, as an angel came for Molly.

"Take me instead," Molly's father pleaded

"You don't understand," replied the angel. "Molly served her karmic purpose in being here, and she will now go to a far better place, one of love and generosity.

"But she hardly lived here at all," said her father, wiping tears from his eyes.

"That's to her credit," the angel answered. "It is you and your wife that must stay here and resolve your karmic issues.

"You see," continued the angel, "The earth is filled with wars, poverty, refuges, prisons and fear, all of it man made."

"Our taking Molly is a blessing to her and to you, and you will all meet again, for life beyond earth is endless and joyous. For now, you must stay and resolve your karmic issues."

"How does karma work," asked Molly's mother.

"It's simple," said the angel. "We teach lessons of love, as we eliminate bigotry, arrogance and hate."

"So for example, those who hate gay people will be reborn as gay. Those who hate black people will be reborn black."

"Those that fight over land will be reborn among the people they fought with, and those that indulge themselves with money will be reborn in poverty."

"In spiritual form, no-one is a race or gender, or owns anything. Also no-one has a religion or nationality, for they are man made creations."

"Here is what will happen for the two of you," added the angel. "You are about to say goodbye to Molly, but just for now."

"In two years, you will have another baby, a spirit like Molly, coming to resolve karmic issues. The three of you will love one another and work on your karmic issues together."

"If all goes well, you will each find purpose and joy together, and none of you will have to stay on earth for long, as you return to the great spiritual plain."

"Now give Molly a hug, and notice her smile as her soul passes from her body. With time, that blessing will await you as well. as you find peace never available on earth."

With the sense of loss and fear of the unknown gone, Molly's parents hugged her, and watched her smile as she blissfully whispered to them, "I love you."

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