Friday, October 6, 2017

Funky Buttons

Funky Buttons is the most popular little girl in her community. And everywhere she goes, her never seen tiny chipmunk friend Uncle Webster goes with her.

"Hi Mr. Tavish," she would say with a big smile to the local pharmacist, as she walked by his drug store on her way to school each day. "Hi Funky, and Hi Uncle Webster," he would happily reply.

"Hi Ms. Wilson," she added to the local baker, and "Hello Mr. Martin," to the local grocer, as she stopped in each shop.

"Hi Funky, and Hi Uncle Webster," they would answer with a twinkle in their eyes.

Everyone loved Funky Buttons, whose real first name was Elizabeth, but she preferred "Funky," a nickname she had given herself.

"What makes you so happy," asked her principal, Ms. Major, eager to learn from this little girl's charm.

"Oh it's simple," the child replied. "At one time, everyone was little like me. Beneath all the seriousness, adults are all still children wanting to have fun."

"So my chipmunk friend Uncle Webster and I happily greet everyone we see, putting smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts."

Just then, the school clock chimed and Funky Buttons said, "Ms. Majors, I have to go back to class now if that's alright."

"Of course," replied Ms. Majors, thinking to herself, "An imaginary chipmunk! She needs to outgrow him."

"Come on Uncle Webster," called out Funky Buttons. And as Ms. Majors looked with amazement, teeny paw prints from an invisible chipmunk moved across her thick carpet and out the door.

Ms. Majors began to laugh, and with joy, thought to herself, "In this moment, I'm a child again, and isn't this fun."

With Love To All ~ Dick
This story was inspired by the Jimmy Stewart classic movie, "Harvey." (1951) Print Friendly and PDF

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