Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Wisdom Of Spats McDonald

Spats McDonald has strong opinions on everything. Just ask him.

One day a little girl asked, "Where do you get your information Mr. McDonald?"

"From TV," he replied.

"How do you know if what they say is right," she asked. "Of course it's right, " Spats replied. "I know it in my gut, and my gut is always right."

"But what if they're wrong," she asked. "Do you ever check the facts?" "I don't have to," he said. "If it sounds right and feels right, it is right."

This was an election year and a bombastic man captured the public's attention, and as a result, the media inundated him with coverage.

"That's my guy," yelled Spats, happy as a cheerleader. He voted for him, and persuaded others to do the same.

The man was elected but immediately things went wrong. As things went from bad to worse, the little girl asked Spats, "Mr. McDonald, what should we do now?"

"Nothing" he replied. "The guy's doing a great job. I can feel,it in my gut. Our problems are caused by the fake news media."

"Anyway, I can't focus on it. My favorite TV shows are on tonight. I need to find out who will be the next idol, how a team will scramble off an island, and which bachelorette will be chosen.

"But what about reality," the little girl asked. "No time for it now," replied Spats. "There are more important things on TV."

"And don't forget," added Spats, "On TV shows, things always work out well by the end of the show. I'm sure reality will too."

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