Saturday, October 21, 2017

When Eagles Dare

Each of us has a great purpose in life, but most of us are too fearful to pursue that purpose, and settle for far less.

This is the story of some eagles facing the same dilemma.

"What is wrong with all of you," cried out the eagle pack leader "You have been given the wings of eagles, yet you lightly flutter them as if you were sparrows."

"We lack confidence," stammered a scared eagle in reply.

"Above us is the beautiful blue sky," the pack leader called out. "Below us are the most magnificent trees and canyons and waterfalls nature ever created."

"As eagles, this is your domain," he told them. "Your hearts are ready to soar, awaiting only your courage to do so."

"What if we crash," asked a scared eagle. "You won't," replied the bold voice of the pack leader. "You can catch a downdraft and drift to the bottom, and then start again. Life always offers a safety net."

"Now fly with me," he told them in a commanding voice, as they all began to soar high into the heavens.

"Is there anyone who doesn't love doing this" he asked, as his voice echoed off the mountains, as did their cheering reply.

"Now," he said proudly, "You are truly eagles, doing what you were meant to do."

With Love To All ~ Dick
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