Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Power Of Love

Farmer Brown was famous for growing the best fruits and vegetables. "How do you do it," everyone asked.

"It's simple," he would reply. "Throughout each day, I tell them that I love them."

"That's ridiculous," people replied. "How can your words of love affect your fruits and vegetables?"

"They don't," Farmer Brown would answer. "Those words of love affect me."

"Each time I hear those words, I feel them and as any devoted lover will do, I express my love in acts of kindness, and my produce thrives in my loving care.”

"That's nonsense," a man hollered. "Oh really," replied Farmer Brown. "Treat your family and friends and other living things without love and see them shrivel."

"Or treat them with love and watch them thrive. The choice is always yours and the results will speak for themselves."

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