Friday, January 5, 2018

Eternal Youth

“My wish is to be young forever,” Emily prayed each night. And then one night, a voice replied, “We will grant your prayer if you are sure that is what you want.”

“It is,” Emily proclaimed in joy.

At first, everything went well. But as time passed, her husband grew old and died, as did their children. So did all of her friends.

Emily prayed, “Please release me from this curse of being young forever. I didn’t know how painful life is to outlive everyone.”

“Please reunite me with my loved ones and let me experience all that life offers in the spiritual world.”

An instant later, Emily’s body turned into dust, as spiritually she witnessed a world far more beautiful and peaceful than this one, and shared it with her loved ones.

Emily discovered that eternal youth was always hers, as it is for each of us, but in a much greater, timeless, spiritual awakening dimension.

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