Monday, March 19, 2018

Is Jesus The Son Of God?

 “Is Jesus the son of God,“ I asked The Spiritual Voice while in prayer.

“Yes,“ The Voice replied. “Jesus is the son of God."

"And so are you, and so is everyone else, for you are all God's children.“

"Because that is so," I asked. "What about the superiority each religion claims?"

“No religion is superior,“ came the reply. “You are all blessed beings, and God doesn’t favor any of His creations “

“It is the egos of religious leaders that claim otherwise," The Voice continued, "Including those that created bibles in God's name."

“They claimed their words as God’s words , but only God speaks for God.“

“Instead of abiding by their claims, make yourself a blessing on earth, for there are so many beings who need your help.“

“When you help them, you are a blessing to God.”

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