Friday, March 2, 2018

The Answer To Gun Violence

“The answer to bad guys with guns, is good guys with guns,“ said the sage from the giant gun organization.

I went to him because the US is in the throes of horrific gun violence, as it has been for so long, and I hoped for solutions.

“So we can finally end this violence,“ I happily replied. “Of course,“ he answered. 

“In the schools, most people there are students, so we intend to arm the students.  No bad guy will harm them if he knows they are armed.“

“That’s a very interesting idea,“ I said. “But won’t the students sometimes shoot each other?“ “No system is perfect,” he replied.

“What about Las Vegas,” I asked, “Where a gunman fired from a hotel tower into a crowd.” “Before the event,“ he replied, “we distribute automatic weapons so that the crowd can open fire on the assailant.“

“What if they shoot up the hotel tower killing many others,“ I asked. “No system is perfect,“ he answered.

“How about if we restricted who could buy guns,” I asked, “And did extensive background checks, and didn’t allow the general public to have military grade automatic weapons?“

“That’s ridiculous,“ he sad. “And we donate huge sums of money to Congress to make sure that never happens.“

“The only answer,” he said, “Is what stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. I don’t understand why you can’t see the answer when it is so obvious.”

With Love To All ~ Dick

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