Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Rescuing The Olympic Games

"NBC's Tokyo Olympics primetime coverage pulled in an average 15.5 million viewers, down 40 percent from the average 26.7 million primetime viewers for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro."

This is sad news because unless the Olympics make big money, giant global media will cut them off. The Olympics need new, exciting events to attract people. But what? Then in my backyard children's play-yard, I saw the answer. 

In the clubhouse, two amorous squirrels bounced off each other like two tiny sumo wrestlers. Then they wrestled Greco-Roman style until they finally consummated their relationship. 

At first I was shocked at this indecency but then I realized giant global media sinks far lower. Reality TV draws huge ratings everywhere, as competitors risk their lives and limbs. While in other Reality programs, people shout obscenities and threaten or even grab each other, until separated by security. 

But of all the Reality shows, among the top rated and the closest to my squirrel experience are the mating games. My dear friend Yanin Ontiveros described them well:

"Where people date for the money or publicity. Far worse, they even get married and divorced in less than a year, and sometimes a child is born in which it takes DNA tests from two or three guys to figure out who the child’s father is." To Yanin, this is disgusting, but to many viewers, irresistible.

So clearly, Reality TV is the answer! 

If the Olympics Games use ONLY Reality show competitions, they will hit their highest ratings ever! And giant global media will prosper and all will be right with the world!

With Love To All - Dick

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