Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Answer To Oil Spills

The Huntington Beach (CA) oil spill is but the latest of global oil spills. The oily goo spreads for many miles, widely killing marine life and despoiling everything in its path. And those responsible for those oil spills blame others and don't change their ways.

So it's up to us to do something and here is what I propose: Develop marine life that is oil resistant! If that sounds silly, remember scientists today do wonders with DNA. Already in a science lab, we have the first DNA altered specimen. 

He's a big orange lobster with a deep voice like a tuba, swears like a sailor and scratches his private parts. Soon they'll have his female counterpart and as the two of them mate, we will begin to replace the weaker species, those unable to absorb enough oil to service a truck. 

But there is a drawback: These lobsters will be so strong, when they arrive in restaurants, it will be a battle between them and the chefs as to who is tossed into boiling water. But then nothing is perfect, as the oil industry has taught us.

With Love To All - Dick

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