Thursday, January 20, 2022

My Dog's New Name

Dear Reader, 

As you may recall, I have a dog named Carter. He lives full-time with my next-door neighbor who walks him, feeds him, takes him to the vet and does all the other wonderful things pet companions do. I have no involvement. 

But lately, when my neighbor jogs by with Carter, I think she wants me to walk him, which I have no intention of doing. So to be diplomatic, I’ve changed his name.

It’s now, “Oh Hell No!”

So if she asks me to walk him, I’ll reply, “Oh Hell No!” And if she puts him in her yard and he barks I’ll shout, “Oh Hell No!” He’ll soon shut up knowing I’m crazier than he is.

To some people, having a dog is a big responsibility. But not for me. If I’m asked to do anything I'll just smile and say, “Oh Hell No!”

With Love To All - Dick

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