Monday, January 31, 2022

Wisdom Older Than The Buddha

Dear Reader: What you are about to read is real.

We live on a busy street located just one block from an elementary school. There are 3-stop signs that stop traffic in front of our home and each school day morning for about an hour, I greet the many people taking their children to school or driving to work. 

Nearly all the adults are stressed, most because they're worried about something they fear will happen or something that has happened that upsets them. They are distracted, not living in the now. Their bodies are here, their heads are not. 

My warm greeting suddenly brings them into the now, where peace and joy exist. My positive energy connects with them, often without them being conscious of it. They just suddenly feel alive!

And they feel joy, because without being aware, they're now having a meditative moment, one in which they have briefly cast out their anxieties, and reconnected with life.

For some, this meditative moment will last for minutes or longer, while for others it will pass within seconds. But for however long, it is life changing.

It is not because I'm special, for many people could do what I do, but because they have an innate desire for a moment of peace and joy, a desire that is a part of all of us. This wisdom is older than the Buddha, who vastly grew this concept into mindful meditation affecting every aspect of life. But as it did for him and as it does for all of us, it starts simply with a meditative moment. 

With Love To All - Dick
Yes, there are some people who ignore me and leave every bit as unhappy as when they arrived. But eventually I reach most of them and as if by magic, they begin feeling better despite themselves.
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