Friday, January 7, 2022

The Exciting New Weight Gain Diet!

Dear Reader: This is a Fable and meant in humor. No-one, not even cockroaches should eat this diet. Now please enjoy our Fable:

Are you too skinny? Would you like an easy to use, tasty diet that could quickly add pounds to your body? If the answer is YES, we've got just what you need!

It's called The Double Stuf Oreo Diet! It's perfect for those who love to shove oversized cookies into their mouths. Within minutes, you'll be packing on weight! And you'll have enough sugar driven energy to run a marathon.

Here's more good news: Oreos are so full of preservatives, if you eat enough of them, you might live forever. And even if you die, like the Egyptian Mummies, your body will be preserved for scientists to study for millennia to come.

And finally: Oreos are easy to find. They are made by Nabisco, available in over 100 countries and are likely in a store near you. Or you can order them online. So start this new and exciting Diet today! In practically no-time, you will have a brand new body even you won't recognize!

With Love To All - Dick
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