Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Happiest Place On Earth

Yesterday my gardener and I discovered a whole gopher community has formed in my backyard. Little piles of soil are everywhere!

An hour later the situation grew worse when the gophers formed a homeowners association and are now demanding a swimming pool, free beer and TV sets.

And if that wasn't enough, one of the gophers mooned me.

I’m at my wits end! I never kill gophers so I’m asking my gardener to return next week with gopher repellent. 

But there is an alternative! I could leave them at Disneyland, officially called "The Happiest Place On Earth," where greater happiness would await them, and like so many Disney characters before them, they may become a major attraction.

And if they do, they will learn never to moon people.

With Love To All - Dick

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