Monday, August 15, 2022

The Village Idiot

In my village, I've long been the unchallenged idiot for taking positions everyone knows are wrong. 

For I oppose censorship, including "hate speech," arrest of non-violent marijuana dealers, the U.S. wars and endless government deficit spending.

But now I have many village idiot challengers. News stories misstating everything from viruses, to national security/espionage, to the environment are everywhere.

These many perpetrators by comparison are making me appear intelligent, which I never thought could happen.

My long-standing reputation as the village idiot will soon be gone, and I'll become just another "talking head," with opinions no one will care about.

But then, just when I was at my low-point, today my village awarded me a plaque that reads, "In our hearts, you will always be the village idiot." 

I'm so deeply moved, for now I cannot speak! 

So my opinions of Bit Coin, China or convicting people in the media before they have had a trial will have to wait.

With Love To All - Dick

Thank you to Dee Wallace, Sierra City, CA whose Mountain Messenger Letter To The Editor (7-28-22) about Village Idiots and Town Drunks inspired this Fable.

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