Friday, January 6, 2023

An Amazing Discovery In Israel

Archaeologists in Israel made an amazing discovery: 780,000 year old fish dinner waste! This means early humans cooked dinners nearly a million years ago! 

They don’t know who these people were or how the dinner waste lasted so long but I think it happened something like this: 

“Oy Vey Sheila, when you cook fish, it gives me heartburn.” “Well Arram, it is a lot better than the fast food you always bring.”

 After dinner, Sheila dumped the waste in the trash, and yelled to Arram, “Put the trash out!” “I will,” Arram replied. “I just can’t get to it right now.”

780,000 years go by as archaeologists discover the food waste because Arram still has not put out the trash.

As a result, the Guinness Book of World Records just awarded Arram the record for the most neglectful husband ever.

With Love To All - Dick

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