Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Gift From An Angel

Angels are often in our midst but most of us aren't aware of them because Angels usually make their presence known softly to those who seek them.

One morning after a night of little sleep, Harry tumbled out of bed, waved his fist in the air and with his usual bad attitude hollered, "I need an Angel in my life, for I'm desperate for Divine Guidance. No-one likes me!"

Just then, as the rising sun lit the room, a cranky voice answered, "Whattaya want from me Harry, you're a pain in the neck."

"You're my Guardian Angel," said Harry. "You're supposed to be good to me."

"Good to you," exclaimed the reply.

"You offend me like ya do everyone else. You only care about you. Never once do ya say, 'How are ya Irvala,' which is my name by the way. Never do ya ask, 'How are things in Heaven?' I'll tell ya, if things in Heaven were any good, they wouldn't have assigned me to you."

"I'm 56 years old," Harry hollered. "And I got no-one. Help me!"

"Awe right, I'll help ya, but stop yelling," said Irvala.

"Foist, ya gotta loin to think nice things about people. If ya don't, they ain't gonna like ya. Then ya gotta do nice things for 'em and ya gotta say nice things to 'em."

"I can't do those things," said Harry.

"The choice is yours," Irvala replied. "If ya want people to like ya, it's what ya gotta do. Come on, I'll even help ya. No-one else can see or hear me and I'll coach ya when we get to your office."

They no sooner arrived when Harry walked in, greeting no-one as if they didn't exist. Irvala pushed Harry right back out of his cubicle.

"Her name is Rebecca, say hi to her. His name is Bob, say hi to him and shake his hand. Her name is Barbara and her husband is Sid. Ask her how she is and ask how he is. And smile ya jerk!

For the next week, Irvala coached Harry and as if by magic, Harry learned people's names, learned to smile at them and learned to take an interest in their lives, even offering a helping hand to many of them. Harry became a very popular guy.

"Thank you Irvala," Harry told his Guardian Angel at the end of the week. "You are a miracle worker. What can I do to help you? Maybe I could help you to receive your wings?

"This ain't the movie, 'It's A Wonderful Life.' I've already got my wings and they are tucked away in your closet," Irvala replied with a laugh.

"But ya could do one thing for me," Irvala continued. "Ya could treat dogs and cats with kindness as ya learned ta do wit people. Dey have feelings to and if you can touch their hearts you will touch mine."

Harry not only agreed to do this, he adopted a rescue dog and thereafter, Irvala watched over both of them, as well as a lady named Sady who became Harry's wife.


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